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This Weeks Spiritual Observations

sunset2So I have another week of work behind me, and things are getting smoother.  I still need to reopen my scheduling, which is coming this week, but now that I know what can be done in a week, it won’t be so daunting of a task to try and cram appointments into my busy day.

I feel it is getting easier to get into that channeling mind set, I find that all those little rituals I thought I needed to do were simply not helping very much, as I can just get down to business with intent alone.  Good deal there.  I frequent question that seems to come up in my readings is “where is my true flame, or will I meet my true flame.”  and thus far I can say “Yup.”  That does seem to be part of every ones plans before incarnating.  What you do after that though is up to you.

One thing I find frustrating as a channel is when loved ones are asked to come through and they do, but play games with me when asked for their name.  This week has been either 100% spot on with names, bam Karen, bam, Jason, bam Bob and Chuck, or 100% let’s mess with Will now and give him 30 names that mean nothing.  I still don’t get that.  I will have to ask these spirits what’s up with the name games.

This picture here is of the sunset outside my house last night, the air was super charged with energy and it felt great to suck it all up.  Mmm Breath that pink and purple air in.


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Recharge the Batteries

You mean I can’t do 3 channels a day for 2 weeks straight?

“Um, Nope. Apparently I can’t.”

That was a lesson I learned this week when the spidey-sense was just barely on. I’m used to doing Reiki whenever and where ever I felt the need, as that doesn’t use your own energy. Where as channeling and being all psychic apparently drains you like a battery in a (I’m not saying that Erik) something other than what Erik just said. I think once your tuned into Erik and invite him in he just shows up because he can. I do enjoy that actually. Keep doing it Erik. But, I digress, my batteries are blinking red, time to plug me in.

I had a week of solid reads, a week, multiples in a day even, and it went great. The ego was put in place, the juju was high, it felt great. This week, woah, I’m exhausted. I can’t hear jack shit from guides or spirits. Well, lets say I don’t hear the right things, I pull people in from former reads, reads not yet happening, it was a mess! So now I’m in recharge mode, I’m not sure how long that will even be, but I got a plan for speeding it up.

“Hey me? You do remember that your a Reiki Master right? Remember that unlimited energy tool you use on others? Ya, that one. Use it on yourself you weenie.” “Oh ya.” I mused. “I guess that was an example of not seeing the forest through the trees moment.”

Apple wants to type right now, but I don’t know how to get in the zone to let her loose yet. I’m contemplating learning how to trace channel to give her a shot at my blog. But Kyoshi gave me a task and I need to get on that too while I have some brief down time.

Check out this Geode I found, it reminded me of this post. Sure it’s broken, but that’s how you can see what it looks on the inside. I’m sure there’s a point to be made there but I’m a little too tired to be poetic.

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My first week as a Psychic, Medium, and Channel.

Channeling loved ones that have crossed over, opening the Akashic Records, seeing pictures and words in the minds eye, yup!  I just did all of this and more.

So I’m new at this, real new. I went from 0 to level 100 in about a weeks time.  I always knew I was a little bit psychic.  Just a little bit.  But last week I decided to just jump in the deep end and start practicing and doing.  I had no idea how to do it, no idea what to say, or what would happen.

Here is what I learned in my first week.

1.) I can talk to dead people. (sweet)

2.) Those that passed on are there when you call them, always.

3.) War is simply a way to teach love.

4.) Twin Flames are confusing, afterlife relationships too.

5.) Guides can come and go when needed and no longer needed.

6.) Never listen to your ego just type, talk, or relay what you feel.  Because a blue and green skinned kid might be way off to you, but darn it, it makes perfect sense to them!

7.) Sometimes they like to mess with you, and not give you anything you ask for.

8.) Spirits keep their personalities with them when they cross over.  See #7.


I’m sure there is plenty to learn and elaborate on, but this was just an amazing week for growth and development.

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A Few Words From Kyoshi


The Bushido way of fighting is strong on you and that is what we embody in our lifetimes. Brotherhood, discipline, strength and wisdom — these are traits that is common to all our lives. 

You have chosen the path to teach and heal those on your way and that itself is also a way to practice our purpose.  You are the strength in your family and you embody it well.

Your love for the Japanese culture is not out of the ordinary for your roots run deep in that culture.  I am glad you are following your calling in this path you have chosen. I will be watching. You and I we are brothers, we are brothers to ourselves.


Channeled art and message by Guada.

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Meditation and Small Acts of Kindness

It started off as an ordinary meditation session.  Me sitting alone in the dark, yelling at my brain to stop popping random, nonsensical, thoughts into my head and just trying to relax.rec

As I was scolding my monkey brain an entire sentence was spoken under my own inner voice, which is a new for me, well- everything is new at the moment, but this was unexpected.

The phrase “Three bishops dead in Guatemala” clearly floated through my head, just under my own voice.  So it was very odd to be in the middle of scolding myself then have that float up as a voice.

I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it. This was very different from my normal meditation attempts.  I never ‘heard’ a new or different voice than my own yet.  Kudos for progress I guess.

I woke up the next day to google bishop deaths in Guatemala and found out there is some serious murdering going on over there.  Go on google it, it’s insane.

A few hours later I’m driving to work and pulled into Dunks for a coffee.  As I was waiting for the line to move a grumpy lady pulled up behind me and placed her order.

She had an annoying look, her voice was grating, and she had the worst looking bangs on a long haired woman I have seen in quite some time.  I instantly disliked her.

After 5 seconds of reflection I decided to pick up her tab.  I felt like with so much negativity, death, and murder across the world that I had to try and do something nice this morning to compensate.  “It’s a start” I thought.

I paid for my order and the woman behind me and sped off before she realized I paid for her order.  I need to protect my identity-

Because I’m batman.