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Alan Rickman Is Awesome

I didn’t alantunderstand how awesome Alan Rickman was, especially in the Harry Potter series, until I called him in for a psychic chat and interview with my friend Mimi over at the PsychicPunx website and he talked about it.  I then went on to watch the series and it was amazing.  He stole every scene he was in as Professor Snape.  Of course I also love him for many, many, other movies he has been in.  But this was probably my favorite now.  And I had such an aversion to this movie franchise due to assuming it was strictly for little kids.  Happy to be proven wrong.  Harry Potter for life.

The actual interview is here if you want to watch it:

During the interview he said “I like you Will.” And I said I need to put that on a tee shirt. Well I did, and it’s awesome. So if you saw me wearing the shirt, and found your way here to this website, now you know why.