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This one is a cool one.  I got this from ‘a friend’ and I’m getting opinions on what it means.  Some people have said things like creation, symbol of galactic ascension, fortune, “no idea, but it feels really familiar”, and other cool things.  I think it’s a little bit of all of those things.  Maybe more.

What do you think?  let me know!


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Gold and Freedom

I haven’t updated this blog in awhile.  It’s not that I have had nothing to say, it’s that I’m not sure how to say most of the new stuff I have been experiencing without seeming, well,

Maybe I should write a book on those subjects.  For today I wanted to just take a minute and see what comes out of my fingers when I give them free reign to type away.

It’s November now, and I’m happy to say that at least once a month, if not twice, I have been keeping up with my Batman scheme to pay for someone behind me at my local drive-thru morning coffee runs.  I enjoy getting out of the parking lot before the next car pulls up to pay and finds out I already took care of it for them.  One more month to go and it’ll be a full year.  Funny, it seems like January still, and not a full year has gone by.  But here we are, November.

Spirit work has grown exponentially.  That’s big old fancy word to say ‘a lot’ since last I checked in.  Communication with spirit is getting easier, almost too easy, which is practically a hindrance, as it’s easily doubted when it comes this easy.  But I’ve pretty much just said “OK, I’m awesome at this, stop doubting and it’ll be easier.” to try and just get over my own doubts.  I’ve had plenty of support and now it’s just becoming a part of my life that’s just darn cool to have and share.  Meditation time is now easier, and I actually feel when I’m in that zone, there’s a pressure and a surging, sometimes a pulsing, in the 3rd eye area.  Flashes of light can be seen in the periphery, and sometimes across my field of view.   Auras are very easy to be picked up and looked at now.  All great stuff.  Yet I still feel there’s this big “something” coming that will make all this look like basic stuff.

We’ll see when it arrives.  That’s all for now,  Gold and Freedom!