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Aura painting


Ok, this painting done by Kathy is cool.  Why? Well because that’s how Kathy reads auras.  There’s a lot going on in this, and it’s just so cool I’m going to share it with you.  Here was her reading that went along with the painting.

“Here’s your aura painting. Wow! You had a lot in your field. I will explain below.

When I first checked into your energy I heard, “Big Daddy.” I felt spirit telling me that you have much strength and power in your body, but your biggest strength is is your heart. You are kind and loving. You are a healer. This is shown by the huge green heart, green Reiki hands, and the green in you aura radiating out others. I heard, “Boys” so I added two boys on the left which are in the field of your love energy.

Starting on the far left there are woods represented as a symbol of a love of nature. There is a fairy near the trees and the fairy kingdom honours you in your appreciation for all that lives. The wolf is a spirit animal for you and spirit told me that you are like the wolf. You have sharp intelligence, and good instincts. You have a need for freedom but being a part of your “pack” is still important. I felt a dragon around which symbolized your power and strength as well.

There is a pleiadian guide around you who assists you in your work with energy and akashic records. You may have some connection to this guide’s planet either having lived there or that you travel there in the astral.

The akashic records showed up in the higher dimensions and your crown and third eye are connected with the indigo and violet colors in your aura. I also heard and saw music and a guitar. I felt that you enjoy making music to relax, like a meditation for you. You are channelled music from time to time.

You are very grounded. I saw an alligator in a swamp and thought that maybe you were from Florida, but I felt that sometimes you get bogged down, but the spirit of the alligator/crocodile is like you. Like this animal, you are a fierce keeper and protector of knowledge. You have patience like the alligator. You can wait for the right time to make a move. This is an important strength for you because you gain power from being able to step back a bit and stay in touch with your true emotions.

I forgot to mention the soldier on the left. He is an early American soldier and I felt like ancestral energy around you to assist you. There was also an ancient Chinese martial arts guide who helps you in your energy work and your control, strength, and power. You have similar energies and he is strong in your field.

I felt Archangel Metatron (green with pink stripes) who is helping you with the akashic records and is helping you obtain wisdom from the universe. Archangel Ariel is also assisting you in your work of healing, particularly with animals and plants.

Whew! I think I got all of it down. Let me know if you have questions. Thank you for allowing me to merge with you energy. You are one peaceful, powerful guy!”