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Oh! That Cliff Burton. Right!

cliff_burton1I’m posting a Facebook conversation I had with a good friend about a man named Cliff.

Friend: Man I keep hearing the word cliff , I don’t know if is a person or a message for had this word with me for days. It’s driving me crazy.

Me: Cliff huh?

Note: I immediately know it’s Cliff Burton.

Me: is it a man’s name?

Friend: Yeah Cliff that I don’t know, Yep its a name.

Me: Is he a dead musician?

Note: Now I’m SURE of myself! Woo!

Me: I’ve had a few line up for me saying lets do this.

Friend: No.

Note: “Aw Damn it” I think, I suck at this, and should go hide under a rock.

Me: OK, not THAT cliff then. That’s the only Cliff I know. Cant help you there then. 🙂

Friend: I have no clue who he is.

There is a slight pause.

Friend: He has a guitar now.

Me: Ha! Well that is the Cliff I know! 😉

Me: Ask if his last name is Burton

Friend: This is in fact him.

Me: Ha! I figured it was.


Me: He buzzed me. That’s why you were supposed to talk to me (today.)

Friend: See when You don’t meditate on a person shit is blurry.

Friend: This Cliff man has been wanting to talk to you for days now.

Me: No shit?What’s cliff up to?

Me: He just hit me again, I’m honoured.

Note: When I say he hits me, I mean he vibrates half my head and body, it’s pretty cool.

Me: I love that guy! Had a pic of him in college, in my music notebook, same picture I sent you on that page.

Friend: He a is talking about your wife lol.

Me: Well, lay it on me.

Friend: Funny he said listen to a song of his. You will get his message.

Me: hrm

Friend: You will know the song when u here it.

Me Orion or Anaesthesia then both are instrumentals so i’ll have to listen differently all right.

Friend: Anaesthesia.

Me: Yeah I had that already in my head, the slower part, I hear it so clearly. I’ll have to hit youtube in a bit for the full effect. But seriously thanks Cliff!
Friend: That’s too funny He said “For sure.” Meaning you’re welcome. LOL. I’m catching up with slang.

Me: It’s all good. I got his vibe.

Note: Thanks Cliff!