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Layne Staley, and Mike Starr, my first unexpected channeling. (Part 2)

dimeSo I started recording the audio for this and found it too difficult for me right now. Layne and Mike think I’m being a wuss, but I told the I’m new guys cut me some slack. Also, Erik and Dimebag Darrell decided to show up. Because, why not I guess.

Me: Okay, so. Layne-

Layne: Present sir.

Me: Oh Geez, don’t go bowing and shit, yes I get it based on where we are (my karate dojo.)

Editor note: I did this reading where I study Karate, it was quieter there than anywhere else at the time.

Layne: I’m just fucking with ya man.

Me: Great. So whats up with this head thing I’m feeling first of all?

Layne: That’s me and Mike vibrating your ass, like it?

Me: It’s not unpleasant, but it’s kinda weird. It’s like a buzzing feeling without the buzz.

Mike: Ya, you’ll get used to that.

Me: Well it’s like you flipped my spidey sense to ON and left it there.

Layne: Well, now you’ll know when I’m around, I claim that section for my use, the head creep area.

Me: You’re claiming my head?

Mike: I want part of the head dude.

Layne: Sorry I was here first, and that’s my spot.

Me: You know it did feel like hands on my head, when I first started.

Layne: You- your guides were around and doing their thing man.

Erik: Come on get to the part where I went out and grabbed these guys for you.

Me: Sorry Erik, I’m typing as fast as I can go.

Erik: You have that recorder there still.

Me: I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet. It feels awkward.

Erik: Bah.

Me: next time, when I’m more prepared and can wear headphones or something as I’m recording.

Me: So yes, Hold on Layne and Mike so I can stoke Erik’s Ego.

Erik: About time.

Me: So I’m driving home from work today, and thank you by the way for the song selections, I get the message guys.

Note: Lot’s of Alice in Chains music on my drive home.

A chorus of welcomes from all three of them.

So again, I’m driving, looking at each song and wondering how they can all be coming up in a row like this and just answering questions in my head.

Erik: Because we are awesome.

Me: Let me finish, It’s late man. I need to get into this at least before I bail and head home.

Erik: Okay Sensei.

Me: Stop that. Your making me type this shit and wasting time.

Erik: Okay, go for it.

Me: So while listening to the music for almost 45 minutes, it suddenly stopped.

Erik: Here it comes.

Me: I stare down at the radio clock that shows the time, it’s not moving stuck at 16 seconds, the audio just stopped.

Erik: that was hard to do, tell ’em dude what’s next.

Me: they don’t need a divine message, you farted in my car.

Erik: Boom! Bout time you noticed, I’ve done it before.

Me: Yes. Thanks for pausing my music and farting Erik, in a way I feel privileged.

Erik: You all hear that right, I farted and he’s happy about it.

Layne: If that’s all I had to do I might have done things differently.

Mike: Yup.

Me: Okay So Layne I have no questions to ask, but tell me what you and Mike are doing up there, I’ll autowrite and just give you my attention and fingers, go for it.

Layne: Okay. So what’s it like? I can’t describe it, the freeing nature of it all is amazing. I still do most of what I used to do, sing, write, influence music, I help out a ton.

Me: I think there’s an Owl on the roof, He’s very loud all of a sudden.

Everyone looks at Erik.

Erik: I call him Hootie.

Layne: In life, there was times I couldn’t see my own shit in front of my face, theres so much emotion, pain, but good times too. They all kind of blend together sometimes though, here I’m cognizant, I’m aware, alive. That’s weird right, I died and feel more alive than ever.

Mike: There is a spring in your step dude.

Me: So do you guys still, um, make music up here?

Layne and Mike: Hell ya.

Mike: Though it isn’t ready for you guys yet. We gotta get a few more guys.

Dimebag Darrel shows up, as if I watching TV and pops his head in.

Dime: I’m available fuckers.

Note: Now I’m imagining this I know it, maybe, Okay the head thing is still going and I’m sweaty, so I’m either having a panic attack and writing my last words, or theres some serious idol worship fan fulfillment going on here.

Me: I’m not sure I can handle this room.

Dime: Another time dude, I was just seeing what was going on over here, peace out and drink some beers.

Dime exits stage right in my head drinking some beers.

Dime: Nice amp bro, crank it though it’s collecting dust! I hear in the background.

Me: Teach me to play like you, and I will! (I’m milking this now, yes.)

Me: Okay- Man this is draining, I am super, tired already. I feel Like I’ve got nothing done.

Mike: Thats because you cant control fucking rockers dude, we’re a little wild, and being free of all worries and pain and all that negative shit…hell it could be worse.

Layne: I think we are behaving for the most part. Right?

Me: Yes, I think we may have to do this in parts, if you guys are willing this can be the sort of intro, maybe we can take questions, as I’m clueless. I just want to ask to be in the band (I’m not ready to pass, don’t pull me over yet, sooo not ready!)

Mike: I’d take him, kids psychic and plays, chicks would dig that.

Layne: Ya man, you gotta have the chicks right? I mean without the beer-

Dime: Beers bitches WOOO!

I can’t even describe this scene, (but I will try) picture you’re watching TV to give a reference, Dime is driving a small car, racing back and forth drinking beer and smoking weed. Just screaming ‘BEERS!’

Layne: Hey man today was just about getting your attention. Plus I kinda like that egg salad sandwich you were eating so I was kinda lingering around.

Me: great I summon the mighty Layne from the afterlife by eating an egg salad sandwich…seriously. I will not be getting laid with this information.

Erik: Hey baby, check this out…egg salad. Ya you want this?

Me: Argh!

Erik: It’s kinda small though, but potent.

Me: no stop, they will commit me this is not going to pass a sniff test.

Me: Erik…you made me type that didn’t you?

Erik: …yes.

Note: Mike asked a question I don’t want to answer right now. I’ll write about this another day.

Layne: Hey in due time right? You need to go through that shit, we all did, me and Mikey did, fuck look at us we didn’t do as hot as we could have. We got wrapped up in going for that extra hit, the extra rush, it caught up to us. We all made our bones and fleshed out that learning path we all need to grow, thats what we all do and experience.

Mike: Ya, man that ripped me hard too Layne. Now looking back now it’s a different animal, you need perspective, you don’t know what’s up sometimes right?

Layne: Ya, it’s all shooting up getting high, being a rock star sometimes, but other times not so much.

Dime: And beers.

Layne: Fuck ya beer.

Mike: Beers and a few titties (his words) for me please.

Me: Okay wow, this is long, and all I got really into is..heck I dont even know half of what I typed.

Erik: Looks fine to me post it and go home, we’ll do a part 3 and 4 later.

Me: Seriously?!

Erik: Won’t be this long though, we gotta use you in spurts.

Me: Don’t do it Erik I see the setup.

Erik: Damn Psychics.

Me: Thats just common sense dude. I’m picking up Mike’s “dude” now I guess.

Mike: That’s so you can tell me apart from anyone else.

Me: Oh good call.

Layne: Okay we can restart later, where here, and we’re around you now, open invite that’s what we got. Let’s be vampires Mikey.

Mike: I love Vampires!

Erik: Okay don’t stress this now Will, go post, just click copy paste and don’t even read it.

Me: Yes Sensei Erik.

Erik: I like that, Sensei Erik. I might keep that.

Me: It doesn’t come with a belt.

Erik: Party Pooper.

Me: Don’t Erik…

Erik: Damn psychic…

Me: Common sense, your tossing up softballs and potty humor.

Erik: Sigh, one of my few favorite things.