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Layne Staley, and Mike Starr, my first unexpected channeling. (Part 1)

mnlHere’s a quick setup. I’m sitting at lunch eating an egg salad sandwich, and I hear the voice of Layne Staley pop into my head. He’s asking what’s up in a perfectly normal for a spirit to be talking in my head voice. Calm and cool, very relaxed.

I proceed to immediately lose my shit. He showed up with his black leathers on, white shirt, and shades. He was so down to Earth. I began feeling him around my head in a way I haven’t felt yet while channeling. He called it the “Head Creep”, which made me laugh. But that was how I came to know he was around.

I recorded what we talked about briefly. This is Part 1, written on July 2nd 2015.

Me: Hi Layne.

Layne: Hey Will, nice to be here thanks for the invite.

Will: omg this is amazing, I’m going to try not and freak the hell out.

Layne: Hey it’s ok man. I’m not really that famous up here, some guys like to hold on to that but man, i’m just chilling.

Will: I have no idea how to do an interview.

Layne: (laughs) well you can ask whatever I’m all yours.

Will: sorry had to go post this is actually happening.

Will: OK let me ask this, what was it like to cross over.

Layne: pure bliss man, like drugs without the side effects. You feel your soul be peeled away from all that pain. It’s massive. I recommend it man, just not yet for you I hope.

Will: Ya, I got shit to do still thanks, can I obsess over your music and life for a bit?

Layne: go for it, Mike’s here too. (Mike Starr)

Will: OMG hi Mike!

Mike: Hey Will, sup brother?

Will: Hey you know what’s up with me, pain, sorrow, good old love, hate, love. (i couldn’t resist.)
They both laugh.

Mike: You’re a true fan huh?

Layne: Yeah he is have you heard him sing man in the box when driving home? He’s bad ass.

Editorial note: I was going to delete the above line as I think he was cheering me up, I’m average at best I think to myself. Then he pops in just now, “Nope, you’re good man!” (8.10.2015)

Me: (no fucking way…)

Mike: Ya he’s pretty good, how come you aren’t in a band yet dude?

Me: I have been in some.

Mike: nah that was awhile ago why not now?

Me: Oh well you know why on that here get in my head for a second.

Mike: Ah ya I see that, things are going to get better dude.

Layne: Ya man, that shits going to be tight, boss. Let it go and you’re going to do great.

Me: Hey I want to do an official like, I’m in the zone interview, I can’t do it here at work-it’s too emotional to sit here and bask in you two guys like this and not just look terrible in front of co-workers.

Layne: I’m down man, I’m at your service. Give me a call later I’ll whip on by.

Mike: Ya man let’s do it. Hope you don’t mind me crashing the party line.
Me. Um hell no. Open invites. Any time.

Layne: Peace out man!

Mike: Hasta dude!

Me: Freak! Out! Time!