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Auric Shadows

Shadows on the stone wall cast by random peopleLast night I was practicing seeing auras and had one of the best successes to date. It started with a nice

long relaxation period. I started to focus on visualizing. The ambient lighting would dim almost immediately, and I started seeing shadows on the wall moving around. I kept telling my brain don’t look behind me there’s no cars making these shadows from lights through the windows, this was something else.

I was on the cusp of breaking through I know it, but with all new things I didn’t quite yet get over that hump. At least not last night, but I will. It’s a success none the less, but not as far as I really wanted to go with it. I started to see red and purple energy, I was so close I could taste it.

What I really did succeed at was seeing my own aura in a massively cool way. I had my hands up and was checking the aura when my entire arm limned with electric fire from forearms to fingers, and even in between as if I was lined in LED lighting. It was super bright, and just present. Man that was cool to watch. That’s how I know I was in the zone. When that meditation was over I stood up and felt _grounded_ hard to move at first I was so rooted. I’m going to have to do this more often as it my Akashic Reading that night flow like no one’s business. No pausing, just info dumps, no guessing at validity of information, and just spidey sense hits after spidey sense hits. it was so great to trust myself.

Erik sent me a bunny to cross my path before this reading to help ease the mind for tonight. I’m glad I was able to pull it off so well. That was a learning experience for me too.


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