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This Weeks Spiritual Observations

sunset2So I have another week of work behind me, and things are getting smoother.  I still need to reopen my scheduling, which is coming this week, but now that I know what can be done in a week, it won’t be so daunting of a task to try and cram appointments into my busy day.

I feel it is getting easier to get into that channeling mind set, I find that all those little rituals I thought I needed to do were simply not helping very much, as I can just get down to business with intent alone.  Good deal there.  I frequent question that seems to come up in my readings is “where is my true flame, or will I meet my true flame.”  and thus far I can say “Yup.”  That does seem to be part of every ones plans before incarnating.  What you do after that though is up to you.

One thing I find frustrating as a channel is when loved ones are asked to come through and they do, but play games with me when asked for their name.  This week has been either 100% spot on with names, bam Karen, bam, Jason, bam Bob and Chuck, or 100% let’s mess with Will now and give him 30 names that mean nothing.  I still don’t get that.  I will have to ask these spirits what’s up with the name games.

This picture here is of the sunset outside my house last night, the air was super charged with energy and it felt great to suck it all up.  Mmm Breath that pink and purple air in.


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