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Recharge the Batteries

You mean I can’t do 3 channels a day for 2 weeks straight?

“Um, Nope. Apparently I can’t.”

That was a lesson I learned this week when the spidey-sense was just barely on. I’m used to doing Reiki whenever and where ever I felt the need, as that doesn’t use your own energy. Where as channeling and being all psychic apparently drains you like a battery in a (I’m not saying that Erik) something other than what Erik just said. I think once your tuned into Erik and invite him in he just shows up because he can. I do enjoy that actually. Keep doing it Erik. But, I digress, my batteries are blinking red, time to plug me in.

I had a week of solid reads, a week, multiples in a day even, and it went great. The ego was put in place, the juju was high, it felt great. This week, woah, I’m exhausted. I can’t hear jack shit from guides or spirits. Well, lets say I don’t hear the right things, I pull people in from former reads, reads not yet happening, it was a mess! So now I’m in recharge mode, I’m not sure how long that will even be, but I got a plan for speeding it up.

“Hey me? You do remember that your a Reiki Master right? Remember that unlimited energy tool you use on others? Ya, that one. Use it on yourself you weenie.” “Oh ya.” I mused. “I guess that was an example of not seeing the forest through the trees moment.”

Apple wants to type right now, but I don’t know how to get in the zone to let her loose yet. I’m contemplating learning how to trace channel to give her a shot at my blog. But Kyoshi gave me a task and I need to get on that too while I have some brief down time.

Check out this Geode I found, it reminded me of this post. Sure it’s broken, but that’s how you can see what it looks on the inside. I’m sure there’s a point to be made there but I’m a little too tired to be poetic.

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