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My first week as a Psychic, Medium, and Channel.

Channeling loved ones that have crossed over, opening the Akashic Records, seeing pictures and words in the minds eye, yup!  I just did all of this and more.

So I’m new at this, real new. I went from 0 to level 100 in about a weeks time.  I always knew I was a little bit psychic.  Just a little bit.  But last week I decided to just jump in the deep end and start practicing and doing.  I had no idea how to do it, no idea what to say, or what would happen.

Here is what I learned in my first week.

1.) I can talk to dead people. (sweet)

2.) Those that passed on are there when you call them, always.

3.) War is simply a way to teach love.

4.) Twin Flames are confusing, afterlife relationships too.

5.) Guides can come and go when needed and no longer needed.

6.) Never listen to your ego just type, talk, or relay what you feel.  Because a blue and green skinned kid might be way off to you, but darn it, it makes perfect sense to them!

7.) Sometimes they like to mess with you, and not give you anything you ask for.

8.) Spirits keep their personalities with them when they cross over.  See #7.


I’m sure there is plenty to learn and elaborate on, but this was just an amazing week for growth and development.

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