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Meditation and Small Acts of Kindness

It started off as an ordinary meditation session.  Me sitting alone in the dark, yelling at my brain to stop popping random, nonsensical, thoughts into my head and just trying to relax.rec

As I was scolding my monkey brain an entire sentence was spoken under my own inner voice, which is a new for me, well- everything is new at the moment, but this was unexpected.

The phrase “Three bishops dead in Guatemala” clearly floated through my head, just under my own voice.  So it was very odd to be in the middle of scolding myself then have that float up as a voice.

I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it. This was very different from my normal meditation attempts.  I never ‘heard’ a new or different voice than my own yet.  Kudos for progress I guess.

I woke up the next day to google bishop deaths in Guatemala and found out there is some serious murdering going on over there.  Go on google it, it’s insane.

A few hours later I’m driving to work and pulled into Dunks for a coffee.  As I was waiting for the line to move a grumpy lady pulled up behind me and placed her order.

She had an annoying look, her voice was grating, and she had the worst looking bangs on a long haired woman I have seen in quite some time.  I instantly disliked her.

After 5 seconds of reflection I decided to pick up her tab.  I felt like with so much negativity, death, and murder across the world that I had to try and do something nice this morning to compensate.  “It’s a start” I thought.

I paid for my order and the woman behind me and sped off before she realized I paid for her order.  I need to protect my identity-

Because I’m batman.




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